Is It Safe To Take Painkillers During Pregnancy?

One of the biggest concerns mothers have pregnancy is whether the drugs are safe and if yes, okay but if not, how they can affect the baby. Your first instinct is to take them as the pain is not easy to bear, but mothers always have second thoughts based on whether they will harm their unborn child. All such questions and doubts are answered by the team of Sunflower Women’s Hospital, the best-known infertility specialist of Ahmedabad:

Is it safe to take painkillers during pregnancy?

Although it is safe to take paracetamol during pregnancy, regular use can be harmful because chemical compounds from these drugs enter the placenta in the child’s bloodstream. Particles can also mix with other sources of nutrition that reach your child through you. The drug particles are minuscule and can cross the barrier that is usually protected by your placenta. Some of the most common harmful side effects of medications include birth defects and labor or delivery complications.

Which medicines are safe?

Paracetamol is one of the safest painkillers during this time, but only if it is taken in small amounts. It can be used to treat high temperatures and mild to moderate pain.

Which drugs must be avoided?

Ibuprofen must be avoided during early pregnancy as it can cause stomach upset in some pregnant women. Other risks involved are premature closure of ductus arteriosus and the reduction of amniotic fluid due to the use of ibuprofen especially during the third trimester of pregnancy.

How do medicines affect a child?

The use of potent drugs during early pregnancy can affect embryo development and result in low birth weight, depending on the type of medications. Mothers taking opioids are at risk of having a child with neural tube birth defect.

People who take over-the-counter drugs in high doses have a chance of stunted physical, mental development in child along with birth-related malformations. This is because the embryo is said to be very sensitive in the first trimester that is the stage of organogenesis.

Alternative ways to relieve pain:
  1. The infertility specialist recommends sleeping in a head up position to prevent heartburn
  2. Use a heating pad to relieve back pain during pregnancy.
  3. It is also advisable to take prenatal yoga that includes gentle exercises that promote health and wellness.
  4. Avoid stimulant laxatives to prevent rampant labor.

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Reason You Should Not Delay Fertility Treatment

It’s becoming more common for couples to grow their families later in life. But on the off chance that you or your partner will require fertility treatments, it’s critical to get in and see infertility specialists in the near future. Learn why the specialists suggest you shouldn’t put it off any longer.

Females know their biological clock is ticking, but it might come as unexpected that fertility can begin to decrease in a woman’s 30s. By 40, mother and baby’s risks increase – mother could have a complicated pregnancy, while baby could have genetic problems.

A man’s fertility likewise diminishes around age 40, because of lower sperm quality.

Thus, the earlier you decide to look for fertility care, the better the result for mother, father and baby.

Costs may go up the more you wait simply because your egg or sperm quality decreases over time. Simpler treatments that work for younger couples may not work for older couples, or older couples may require more cycles, causing more expenses at last. If the egg or sperm quality declines with aging, a couple may likewise need to utilize donor eggs or sperm to conceive, at yet another cost.

Overall health can likewise be affected as we age. You might be healthier in your 20s, however, if you develop prediabetes, fibroids, thyroid ailment, or become obese as the years go on, it might be harder to get pregnant. If you want a family, attempt to stay healthy and don’t delay the vital treatments.

If you are concerned that delaying fertility will leave you unable to conceive, converse with doctors at the best IVF center in Bhubaneswar, Sunflower Hospital. We can develop a fertility treatment plan that is correct for you. Regardless of whether this isn’t the right time to begin a family, we have options available to preserve your fertility, for example, egg freezing or embryo freezing or sperm freezing for future use.

Parenthood is the joy every couple wants to enjoy but undergoing infertility treatment is possibly one of the most emotionally challenging times in a couple’s life. Sunflower Hospital and our state of the ART lab are motivated to make this life-changing journey, as straightforward and stress-free as possible, with the aim of providing the most ideal result to each couple who looks for our assistance.

Some Ways To Get Rid Of Infertility Naturally

If you are planning to become pregnant, check if your diet and food supplements increase your chances of fertility. Infertility is a common health condition today, you can attribute it to your unhealthy lifestyle, busy work schedule and lack of physical activity. Busy lifestyle with infertility can be stressful, especially when you have PCOS and PCOD suffering from a similar health condition.

Infertility is defined as a condition in which some couples fail to conceive. An infertile couple is someone who tried to have unprotected sex for more than 12 months to become pregnant but could not conceive naturally.

The good news is that Sunflower Women’s Hospital in Bhubaneswar provides world-class treatment and guidance for both men and women dealing with the problem of infertility. According to our infertility specialist, diet and lifestyle changes can contribute to a large extent in increasing the likelihood of pregnancy. In this blog, we will discuss some tips to prevent infertility and prepare your body to conceive a baby without any complication.

Tips To Boost Your Fertility
  1. Eat a fuller breakfast:- Eating a large breakfast can improve the hormonal effects of PCOS, which is one of the primary causes of infertility in women. In addition, eating more calories at breakfast reduces insulin levels by 8% and testosterone levels by 50%, indicating better infertility in both men and women.
  2. Eat Foods that are Rich in Antioxidants:- Antioxidants such as folate and zinc neutralize free radicals in your body and improve infertility in both men and women. Foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains are rich in antioxidants. According to reports, women taking in-vitro fertilization and antioxidant supplements are 23% more likely to have healthy pregnancies.
  3. Eat More Fiber:- High-fiber foods such as whole grains, beans, vegetables, and fruits help your body get rid of excess hormones and keep blood sugar under control. Excess amounts of estrogen are also removed as waste material from the body. Eating 10 grams of grain fiber increases a woman’s fertility by 44%.
  4. Try Multivitamin:- According to the Infertility Specialist in Bhubaneswar Resources, if a woman consumes three or more multivitamins per week, 20% of infertility problems can be avoided. Vitamin E and vitamin B6 supplements greatly improve your chances of conceiving and becoming pregnant.
  5. Add Protein Resources:- Foods such as beans, nuts, and seeds are both found to help men and women reduce their chances of infertility. In addition, replacing animal protein sources with vegetable protein sources dramatically improves fertility outcomes in women undergoing IVF treatment.
  6. Exercise and Be Active:- Regular exercise maintains your body weight, health, and prevents many harmful diseases such as obesity and cardiovascular diseases. A sedentary lifestyle can be very harmful to couples trying to start their own family. Moderate weight loss for intense physical activity and will help you reduce the risk of infertility.

At Sunflower Hospital, we ensure that patients are well aware of every aspect of infertility treatment, including prevention measures to increase the likelihood of conception. Our treatments are not only drug-focused, but we also help patients achieve a healthy body, mind, and soul to boost the chances of childbirth and pregnancy.